Guille Bonesso

Born in Argentina, Guille first encountered yoga whilst travelling India in 2001. From that moment he was completely immersed in it, visiting various ashrams in the Rajasthan desert. He then went on to join the Chandra lake temple were he studied and practiced traditional hatha yoga.

After returning to Argentina he furthered his practice with Mohan Llull at The School of Akrtrimo Yogah (The Natural Yoga). In 2003 he completed a degree as Instructor at The Argentine Union of Yoga Teachers. Following this he began teaching his first classes, also teaching yoga to children and mentoring workshops in primary schools and community centers.

Since moving to London in 2005, he has taught evening group sessions at The Round Chapel for 7 years and held classes for children (aged 3-5) for The Round Chapel Family Project for 8 years, where he gained valuable experience of working with children with autism and special needs. He also teaches one-to-one classes all over London.


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