Yolande Diver

Yolande’s journey into the alternative health care profession started 18 years ago when she started attending weekly yoga pregnancy classes and active birth workshops. Having paid not much attention to her health before being pregnant, the weekly classes raised important questions about health and birth, and beyond, which prompted her to reflect on how I wanted to take care of her baby and herself. Not only were these weekly classes informative but also a real sense of empowerment emerged as to the choices that resonated with regards to how she wanted to give birth.

Yolande was also introduced to a variety of other alternative approaches to health care, and it was homeopathy that proved be a great support, throughout her pregnancy, labour, postnatal healing and the early stages of her newborn child’s life. She then went on to study homeopathy and become a professional homeopath.

Yolande also teaches workshops on pregnacy yoga and partner yoga to help prepare couples and the mother for birth.

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