Pregnancy places strain and demands on a woman’s body. Pregnancy and labour have a huge impact on the spine and pelvic floor. Meanwhile hormones will soften ligaments as part of the pregnancy process and the growth of the baby, but this adds stress on certain joints, which can lead to strains and issues.

Minor problems, especially those involving the back, may be the beginning of musculoskeletal difficulties. This can potentially create difficulties later in life for the mother and the baby, and can be prevented or reduced through gentle, manipulative treatment to allow the safest birthing process for both.

Osteopathic care throughout the pregnancy provides women with the special benefit of adjusting the functions of her body to the demands of the progressing-pregnancy. We can identify and treat mobility restrictions and reduce the demands placed on the spine, joints and surrounding tissues.

Treatment can also address pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal weakness, back pain, pelvic girdle pain, circulatory problems and swelling.

Our treatments are tailored and adapted to each mother’s needs and is based on an assessment during the first consultation.

1st appointment 60 mins at £75
Follow-up 45 mins at £65

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