About KUU

空 Kū, read as Kuu, in Japanese means sky or heaven. It is the space that surrounds us, and it is also within us. It translates as ether, the fifth and most sacred of the elements, and in Sanskrit means open space.

Our East London clinic has been created to embody this sense of a sacred space. Somewhere you can come to find ‘space’, both within yourself and within the business of life, to restore, revive and address what needs to be addressed.

In osteopathy, creating space within bodily structures is paramount in allowing the flow of energy, blood and other fluids to move freely through every cell. This in turn improves healing, regeneration and detoxification.

In yoga, a calm space is created to re-discover one’s own sense of bodily space and breath. Through our practice we invite gentle self-enquiry and the means to release, recharge and illuminate.

Meditation allows the mind to de-clutter, to let go of continuous thought patterns and to find stillness. In turn clearing space for new ideas, and allowing creativity to flow.

Our carefully chosen team of practitioners and teachers work in an intimate environment to help you do just that – offering tailored treatments and classes to guide you towards full health. Whether you’re a mum to be, an athlete or simply seeking wellbeing and ease in your daily life, our holistic treatments and guided practices will help you find that space.

“Really glad I booked a yoga class with them. They have a gorgeous studio downstairs with mats, blocks and bands already so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything – Just show up! My instructor Lauren was really good and gave the perfect balance of challenging moves and relaxing breaks in the practice (Friday Free Flow). Easily book through their app which has their schedule laid out in an easy to navigate format. Plus, you get a cup of tea afterwards!”

Caitlyn Falasco