We’ll start with your initial Mum and Baby Osteopathy, during which you and your little one will be assessed and treated and a treatment plan will be created according to your needs. A follow-up baby osteopathy session will be set in place to continue the care of the most pressing issues for your little one – whether it’s feeding and digestive problems, sleep disturbances, or crying; but if all is well with them, you can use this follow up for yourself.

Next, Mummy MOT session will shift the focus from your newborn back to you, and your practitioner will perform an internal gynaecological examination and an external check-up of your pelvic floor and tummy muscles to determine the best path to recovery. Finally, we will close with a session of Hypopressive Exercises – a specifically designed set of breathing techniques that, using your diaphragm, will help you recover your pelvic and core muscles and possible prolapses.

If you are ready to receive the support you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch and you will be well taken care of.

*Included in this package is a free bespoke exercise program for your routine at home worth over £110.

Package Items:
1. Mum and Baby Osteopathy 60min £85
2. Baby Osteopathy follow-up 30min £60
3. Mummy MOT 1st session £105
4. Hypopressive Exercises 45min £75

Full Price: £325
Discount: £32.5
Total: £292.5