Dorina Szucs

Dorina is a highly skilled massage and beauty therapist with over 10 years of experience. Her expertise includes a wide range of massage techniques such as holistic, remedial, and deeply relaxing massages. She also offers uplifting facial treatments, including the tsuboki-Japanese face lift massage and Gua-Sha.
Dorina has worked at prestigious spas like the ‘Mandarin Oriental’, ‘Ushvani Spa’ and ‘The Westin’. She combines holistic rituals with deep and releasing strokes, incorporating
a wide range of methodologies for a unique tailored experience. Her treatments aim to decrease pain, muscle tension, promote relaxation, aid in the body’s detoxification processes, improve circulation, and enhance overall well-being.
One of Dorina’s specialties is the Gua Sha Facial, an ancient healing modality rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This method involves using a flat-shaped mineral facial tool to massage and gently scrape the skin, releasing stagnation, stimulating, firming, and revitalizing the facial region. Acupressure techniques are also incorporated to improve energy flow within the body, reduce signs of aging, and restore balance.
Dorina is also experienced in deep tissue and remedial massage therapy, incorporating a variety of techniques from both Eastern and Western traditions. She is continuously expanding her knowledge by

furthering her education in cupping therapy, bamboo massage, and advanced stretching therapy.

Specialism: Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage; Trigger Point Therapy and Stretch Massage; Table Thai Massage; Pregnancy Massage; Reflexology; Gua-Sha; Face Lifting Massage

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