Maria Ninoles

Maria is a holistic practitioner and massage therapist. Her journey into holism started with her own personal search for balance and wellbeing. Her call to massage therapy was through Ayurveda and Yoga where she found their philosophies and practices were an all inclusive approach to life.

As a massage therapist, she is empathetic and caring and personalises her session to each client’s unique needs to support them in improving their overall well-being.
She believes that finding the root cause and working on nervous system regulation through bodywork and other modalities can help strengthen our body-mind connection, which has many benefits like decreasing pain, reducing recovery time, strengthening the immune system, enhancing the ability to heal, giving and increase sense of control and well-being.

She is passionate about combining eastern and western methods; for this, she has trained at the London School of massage and different Ayurvedic institutions in the UK and Kerala, holding qualifications in Remedial-deep tissue, Holistic, Pregnancy, and Ayurvedic massage. She is also an Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Breathwork Instructor, RYT +700 yoga teacher, certified Ayurvedic Practitioner DAPC and B.Sc. in Psychology.

Maria keeps developing her knowledge by continuing her education on TMJ-intraoral massage, Cupping technique, Diploma in Ayurvedic medicine and Marmapunture( Indian acupuncture). Maria is a member of The Ayurvedic Professionals Association (APA).

Specialisms: Remedial/Deep-Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hot stones massage, Aromatherapy massage, Ayurvedic Massage Abhyanga, Indian head massage, Yoga, Facelift-acupressure massage.

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