Simona has been fascinated with bodywork for many years, graduating as a massage therapist in 2020, at the London School of Massage. Simona offers a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue Techniques, with a holistic approach to the session, and no treatment will be or feel the same.

She tailors her treatments to clients’ needs, whether they are coming to ease physical tension, connect body and mind, or relax. She focuses on creating a calm and welcoming space for people to drop into “me-time”.

She believes in a long-term relationship when it comes to any therapy and, although a one-off session can help and go a long way, Simona believes that finding a safe and familiar space can positively assist the nervous system in establishing a healthy and strong body-mind connection.

Over the last few years, she enrolled and deepened her knowledge of bodywork with a Deep Tissue Course, Postural Assessment, as well as Chair Massage.

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