Breathing is the foundation of life. It’s so easy to take it for granted, but when we really think about it, breathing is one of the most important parts of our existence—and most of us don’t breathe as deeply or efficiently as we could.

At Kuu London, we believe in the power of breathwork sessions to help you reach your full potential by developing a conscious breathing practice. These sessions will help you tap into your autonomic nervous system regulation, allowing you to release stress and tension that often gets stored in the body and mind through our daily habits and experiences.

The initial session always includes a short consultation and a breath analysis to customise these sessions and apply the techniques to your goals. There is no experience necessary; breathwork is for everyone, particularly beneficial for people with anxiety, stress, struggling with focus and concentration, burned out and for people that want to increase physical or mental performance.

Benefits include: improved sleep quality; increased mindfulness and support concentration; reduced anxiety and chronic stress; reduced high blood pressure; improved lung function; enhanced cognitive performance; boosted body’s natural defences; facilitates sports recovery

60 min | £75
Package of 5 x 60 min | £ 337.5

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