Functional movement rehabilitation and exercises do what they say on the tin, they focus on how you are functioning. The ultimate goal is to function as optimally as you can in the movement or activity you have chosen. In order to optimise function we need to look at many different aspects of movement. These include:

• Muscle activation and development
We must develop strength to improve function, not just in the larger muscles but various muscle groups. Functional exercises promote muscle activation, development, and strength.

• Joint stability and mobility
To move effectively, your muscles must be able to stabilise and move joints at any range needed. Focusing on stability and mobility can reduce the risk of joint-related issues.

• Neuromuscular coordination
Integrating awareness and control. Challenging the nervous system to coordinate multiple muscle groups and movements simultaneously.

• Postural alignment
Improving posture to ensure the bones and joints are aligned. When the skeleton is aligned we can complete movement efficiently, without overloading any particular part.

• Energy system development
Improving cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Getting the blood and nutrients to the muscles to give them the energy they need to function. This includes breathing and oxygen utilisation.

Functional movement exercises play a crucial role in promoting overall wellbeing and good body function. They improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and mobility, leading to enhanced daily activities, injury prevention, and efficient body function.

Single – 60min £85
Package x5 – £382.5