The birth process can place many strains on both baby and mother; the baby’s position in the womb, the method of delivery and the ease of deliver among other factors can all contribute to strain patterns. Breast feeding, carrying your baby and use of equipment such as buggies can also place extra strain on your body. Our Mother & Baby Osteopathy therapists can advise on injury prevention and exercises to support your treatments.

We offer Mother & Baby Osteopathy sessions where mother and baby can both be treated together; many mothers find that this creates a strong positive connection.

Mummy and Baby Osteopathy:

1st appointment 60 min | £85
Follow up 45 min | £75
Package of 5 x 45 min | £337.5

Baby Osteopathy:

Baby follow up 30 min | £60
Package of 5 x 30 min | £270