Pregnancy places many unique demands on a woman’s body; nine months of pregnancy and labour have a big impact on your spine and pelvic floor. Hormones will soften the ligaments, which is necessary for the body to accommodate the baby as it grows’ adding stress on certain joints which often leads to aches and sprains. Pregnancy Osteopathy can treat and reduce the demands on your body.

While Pregnancy Osteopathy is not a substitute for standard OB/GYN care, it can be a useful part of complete pregnancy routine. Osteopathy is a completely natural therapy, which identifies and treats mobility restrictions and aims to reduce the demands placed in the spine, joints and surrounding tissue. This helps to prepare your body for the rigours of pregnancy and delivery, as well as recovery and delivery.

Pregnancy Osteopathy can also help with pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal weakness, back pain, pelvic girdle pain and circulatory problems and swelling. Each of our treatments is adapted to each mothers needs and is based on an assessment made during the initial consultation.

1st appointment 60 mins | £85
Follow-up 45 min | £75
Package of 5 x 45 min | £ 337.5