Richard Baker

Richard discovered osteopathy when he was in dire need of help after a serious sports injury. Feeling amazed and intrigued by the treatment and its effects, he went on to spend some time researching osteopathy and its origins, and felt a connection with what he had read.

In his life, Richard has participated in lots of physical activities, and resulting health challenges have lead him to be more inquisitive about what health is and how can it be maintained. “Osteopathy is the closest approach to holistic care that I have found. I thoroughly enjoy my work and the many challenges it presents, as I get to deepen my understanding of life while supporting people in optimising their health.”

Richard primarily works using a structural approach, and views pain as a functional/tensegrity overload with a potential cause remote to the site of pain, unless caused by a direct trauma. He believes that his role as an osteopath is to identify the right technique for each unique case – whether it’s manipulation, soft tissue or articulation – to promote the innate healing processes and to allow normal function to return. He finds that oftentimes this can be supported with cranial techniques as well.

Specialism: Osteopathy; Cranial Osteopathy; Osteo-Massage; Sport Massage; Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage.

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