Joshua Fein-Brown

Joshua, M.Sc, M.Ost, ND. Osteopath, Naturopath, and Pain Specialist. He graduated with a master’s degree in Osteopathy and Naturopathy in 2015 from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Since graduating he has re-entered education and completed a master’s in pain management at UCL in 2020. In addition to working with individual patients, he works as a lecturer for university undergraduate and post-graduate courses.

He loves to treat all kinds of patients, from people suffering of chronic pain and fibromyalgia to healthy people who wants to improve their function, and everyone in between.
His approach is truly integrative. Using the link between mind, body, pain and emotions, he has developed a treatment technique that is able to reconnect these often disparate aspects of ourselves. The treatment is composed of a detailed assessment of your body and medical/personal history to understand your pain and give you a diagnosis, then through hands-on treatment and functional movement exercises he will take you into a journey of recovery to find health and true well-being. His treatment will reconnect you with your body, your emotional self, your strength and your intuition. He uses his hands to show you where it is that you are holding, and to help you release. Through the additional use of breath work, mindfulness based techniques and movement, you will regain strength, agency over yourself, and experience the pleasure of living in a body that is interconnected with your mind.

“There is nothing in your life that you will do without your body, it is the vessel through which we interact with the world, and each other. So often we use the body as a tool to achieve our projects and desires, so often we impose our will onto the body, as opposed to working with it and listening deeply. This disconnection is the root cause of so much pain and suffering”

Specialisms: Osteopathy, Osteo-Massage, 1-2-1 Breathwork, Functional movement exercise, Pain Management

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