Allow us to work with you to tailor a pilates workout plan to suit your needs and recognise your potential. Whether that may be to improve posture, core strength, flexibility or co-ordination lets work together to help you to feel better and move to your optimum.
Pilates can help you to increase body awareness and proper alignment thereby improving posture and preventing musculoskeletal discomfort.
The pilates method incorporates breathing with the exercises to enhance focus and control as well as creating very mindful movement patterns to support each individual through daily life.

Pilates can also offer support for the incredible changes a woman’s body experiences during pregnancy and post-natally through focusing on breathing, relaxation, connecting with the pelvic floor to strengthen and release, strengthening legs to promote good circulation, improving balance and body awareness and creating strength and space for supported upper body posture patterns.

60 mins | £75
Package of 5 x 60 min | £337.5

*2 persons classes available at £80